This course satisfies the California Vehicle Code driver education requirements for students to obtain a DMV learners permit and drivers license. Designed for high school freshmen and sophomores in all areas of California.

Below are the required courses to obtain a driving permit and a license. All courses are a state requirement for anyone that is younger than 18 years old.

Phase 1

Provisional Permit

Complete the Driver Education Program. (the classroom or online portion that prepares you for the written test).

Drivers Education is a course which prepares the student for the written examination consisting of 46 questions with 3 possible answers, student with 9 or more incorrect answers will fail the examination and must wait 1 week for another try.

You must me be at least 151/2 years old to apply at the DMV but able to start the course at 15 years old.

Obtain parent/guardian signature on the DMV application form.

Present an original birth certificate or certified copy from the county of birth or current passport.

Pass the DMV written test.

Pay $31.00 fee to DMV.

You will be required to submit a OL237 form (certificate of classroom completion)

Also submit a OL392 form (certificate of Enrollment in Drivers Training)

  Phase 2

Driver’s Training (Behind-the-Wheel Lessons)

Once you receive your permit please contact our office to arrange an appointment for your first driving lesson.

Three – Two Hour Lessons (6 hours Total)

Available 6 days a week Days / Evenings FREE Pick-Up and Drop-Off Service from home or school

PRIVATE One-On-One Lessons

Eligibility for Driver License Test:

Minimum 16 Years Old

Minimum 6 Months Waiting Period with Permit

6 Hours with Licensed Driving Instructor

50 Hours Drive Time with Parent/Guardian/Adult

As of January 1, 2004, applicants now must be a minimum of 15½ years old, complete Driver’s Education, AND enrolled in a Driver’s Training course prior to applying at the DMV. A deposit will be required before a Driver’s Training certificate can be issued.
NOTE: The permit is not valid until you start behind-the-wheel driver training with a licensed instructor.


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